A beautiful day for a Life Is Good Pumpkin Festival on Boston Common

Ready for some pumpkin pictures? Me too!

New England t-shirt maker Life Is Good arranged a pumpkin festival on Boston Common today. People were asked to bring carved pumpkins (Jack o’Lanterns as they’re known) for the Life Is Good crew to light when darkness set in. We didn’t stay around for the pumpkin lighting, but we did snap some pictures of pumpkins.

Here’s one of the seas of carved pumpkins:

Some of Jack O'Lantern pumpkins brought to the Life Is Good pumpkin festival on Boston Common

There were people and pumpkins everywhere on the fifth or so of the Boston Common where the pumpkin fun took place. Here are some racked pumpkins:

Racked pumpkins on Boston Common

Real artists sign their work:

Pumpkin signed by carvers

The flagship attraction of the festival was this pyramid of pumpkins. Quite a sight, I must say.

Pumpkin pyramid on Boston Common

Another shot of the pyramid, this time from a cool angle with racked pumpkins in the foreground. As you’ll see, I’m as imaginative as a photographer as I am as pumpkin carver.

Life is Good pumpkin pyramid wih more pumpkins in the foreground

The best pumpkin we saw was this Boston Red Sox carving. Very nice:

Boston Red Sox carving on pumpkin

Here’s our contribution to the festival. I call it an understated, classic look:

Classic Jack o'Lantern pumpkin

Last year’s Life Is Good pumpkin fun was wiped out by really nasty weather, but this time around the weather was amazing, a perfect late-fall afternoon, a bit chilly but sunny. The whole thing made me feel really good about living in Boston.

Adam has lots more of pumpkin pictures over at Universal Hub. Also check out Jen’s pictures from the pumpkin fest.