Gitell on the Barbara Walters Giuliani interview

As I read Seth Gitell’s post on Barabar Walters’s interview with the Giulianis I fully expected him to praise Boston’s Mayor Thomas Menino at some point, and he came through for me, as I knew he would. Here are excerpts of what Mr. Gitell has to say about the interview as it relates to the somewhat more central characters of Mr. and Mrs. Giuliani:

I thought last night’s Barbara Walters interview of Judith Nathan went remarkably poorly.

The portions of the interview, for instance, that dealt with Judith Giuliani as a single parent were particularly effective. But much of it was ludicrous. This is fundamentally not a good story.

The whole thing is a mess…

I think you’ll find it rewarding to read his post in its entirety.

Now, how important is Mr. Giuliani’s family life with regards to his campaing to be elected President of the United States? Not particularly important at all. Sure, I wish he’d have a marriage more like Mitt Romney’s but I also wish he’d have immigration views more like Tom Tancredo’s. You can’t always get what you want and considering the field of candidates right now – I guess Mr. Giuliani, I guess, well, I guess he is who is. Dwight Eisenhower isn’t walking though that door. Calvin Coolidge isn’t walking through that door. The field of candidates is what it is.