Yes! Mitt Romney fires off a dunkelblau joke!

About a decade ago I went into a store to buy a black suit. The proprietor told me he had no black suit, but he did offer me a dunkelblau one. Ever since I’ve been making dunkelblau jokes, along the lines of “that guy in Reservoir Dogs who didn’t want to be Mr. Pink should have called himself Mr. Dunkelblau instead.” Yeah, all of my dunkelblau jokes are that flat, but I’ve stuck by them so I was rather pleased to hear former Massachusetts Governor make a joke in tonight’s Republican debate about the state being so dark blue it’s almost black – dunkelblau, in other words.

Sadly, my experience with dunkelblau jokes is that the audience for them is surprisingly small.

On a more serious note, I’m highly pleased with Governor Romney’s strong defense of Guantanamo and also with his willingness to expand it.