Early morning mugging in Kenmore Square

Short story: Young woman attacked, mugged on Commonwealth Avenue, between Kenmore Square and Charlesgate West at 3 am. I’m pretty sure the cops caught a suspect.

[Update: BPDnews.com has an account of the incident. The description of the suspect alters slightly from the one I recount below, which is as one can expect since I got a quick four second description before taking off (more on that at the end of this post). I am neither of the two samaritans mentioned in the post. I can't believe the suspect didn't make more of an effort to get away.]

Long, rambling story: I woke up at 3 a.m. thinking I should have turned the air-conditioner back on before I went to bed. Then I heard a woman screaming in desperation “get off me get off me.” My very first reaction was to wonder whether it was merely drunken horse play, as there occasionally is early in the morning around here, but her voice told a different story. I rather superfluously told my wife, who’s awakened by the screaming, to call the cops as I bumbled into the living room to get a better view of what the heck was going on, as well as to get dressed and going. From our window I saw a white guy running across the street, roughly from Hotel Commonwealth, towards the spot where the woman was still yelling.

I put on clothes and shoes, raced down the stairs and across the street. There I saw a young white woman sitting down, being comforted by, I think, the guy I saw running across the street. Another young woman came out of building and I sensed a couple of more people approaching the scene. The suspect was gone. The guy comforting the woman filled us in on the details: The woman had been mugged by a tall man about 40 years old, shaved head, homeless looking white man. Me and another guy started running in the general direction in which the suspect had fled. We ran down Kenmore Street to Newbury Street, where the other guy headed left while I made a right towards Brookline Avenue, no suspect in sight.

I made a left on Brookline Avenue – towards Fenway Park – thinking that the cops who surely were on their way would backfill the area in case I had overshot the suspect.

And based on that rationale I ran, jogged and walked down Lansdowne Street, Ipswich Street and finally Boylston Street to Charlesgate West, from where I could see at least three police cars with flashing lights over by the intersection of Newbury Street and Brookline Avenue. I took that as a sign that the men and women of D-4 had caught a suspect (negative spin on self reflection: Nice running away from the hot spot, douchebag! Positive spin on self reflection: Backfill strategy worked as planned!).

I made my way back to the square, where the cops and an ambulance had congregated outside the nursing home building. I overheard a cop telling the first guy who made it to the scene something about suspect identification. Given that, and the general sense that no search for a suspect was taking place, I assumed the cops had gotten their man. Nice work, D-4, nice work!

I was already off and running by the time the cops made it to the scene, but my wife tells me they were very quick to get there, even driving down the wrong side of Commonwealth Avenue to get there post haste. I think there may have been as many as half-dozen cars responding, including a paddy-wagon. Again, nice work.

What I know very little about is how the young woman who was attacked is doing. I’ll say this much, though: She most certainly did the right thing in screaming bloody murder.

[Update: Originally I wrote that I was given the following description of the attacker: The woman had been mugged by a tall man in his forties, shaved head, homeless looking white man.

In fact, the man was said to be about 40, and was described as a man who lives in the streets or something similar. When I wrote this post at in the morning I wrote "in the forties" for some reason, and I condensed it to "homeless looking".]