Life at the bottom of the roster: New England Patriots cut Santonio Thomas but he’ll probably be back

As is their habit, New England Patriots have once again cut Santonio Thomas to make room for somebody else (exactly is not known at this time). He was cut on September 1 this year, and on September 2 last year, and on August 30 in 2005. I’m sure the Patriots have a couple of more cuts for him in the future, because they’ll probably re-sign him again.

Here’s what head coach Bill Belichick had to say about releasing Thomas during his press conference today:

Q: It terms of Santonio and what he was able to accomplish while he was here, I assume it’s not really a reflection of him personally but was more of a team decision?

BB: Well, all roster moves are, yeah, but we’ll see what happens. He’s been released before, he’s been re-signed, so we’ll see what happens.

Thomas isn’t exactly a household name but like all Patriots players he’s expected to get it done when it matters, as he did against San Diego Chargers in the second game of the 2007 season:

San Diego’s fourth drive was stopped by back-up defensive lineman Santonio Thomas and safety James Sanders on 3rd&1. Thomas stood up and shed tightend Brandon Manumaleuna while the Chargers’ left offensive tackle had to block down on Thomas who was right up on the line of scrimmage.

Who did he stop for no gain? Some guy named LaDanian Tomlinson. So, how good is the 54th best player on your team?

[10/27 update: Patriots cut Thomas to make room for defensive end Richard Seymour who was activated today.

10/29 update: Patriots re-signed Thomas to the practice squad today. They released offensive lineman Pat Ross to make room.