Nothing but pictures of Boston Celtics Dancers

Pictures of Boston Celtics Dancers from the Atlanta Hawks at Boston Celtics regular-season game on November 9, 2007.

Photograph of about a dozen Boston Celtics dancers performing a routine while dressed in white hot pants and tank tops.

Photograph of a half-dozen Boston Celtics dancers turned in different directions and striking different poses while performing a routine.

Close-up of a brunette Boston Celtics dancer dressed in leather pants with her head turned sideways.

Close-up of a blonde and smiling Boston Celtic dancer dressed in white hot pants and tank top while dancing.

Picture taken from behind of 16 Boston Celtics dancers dressed in black hot pants and black hoodies while performing a routine.

A blonde Boston Celtics dancers kneeling in front of a standing brunette dancer.

Close-up of smiling Boston Celtic dancer waving her hands.

A close-up from behind of six Boston Celtics dancers dressed in leather pants leaning forward.