Desperate Indianapolis Colts sign offensive tackle Corey Hilliard

Yesterday, the injury ravaged Indianapolis Colts signed rookie offensive lineman Corey Hilliard, who first joined the team’s practice squad a couple of months ago after getting cut by the New England Patriots, the team who drafted him. Hilliard was an embarrassment at the rookie mini-camp, completely out of shape and unable to finish the work-out sessions, and then he was a stiff in pre-season camp who earned just a few snaps late in pre-season game. But the Colts’ tackle situation is that desperate. Stand-out left tackle Tarik Glenn retired after last year, his capable replacement Tony Ugoh is injured, his replacement Charles Johnson turned out to be awful and the team had to turn to a guy who basically is fourth-string left-tackle compared to last year. With Hilliard the Colts are reaching for fifth string.

Colts cut former Patriot Dan Klecko, a scrappy player who’s a little too small and a little too slow to play in the NFL [November 20 update: Colts re-signed Klecko].