Spaghetti and ketchup: A most underrated dish

For some reason Americans don’t like to put ketchup on their spaghetti and they seem to recoil at the thought of spaghetti and ketchup sans extras as a legitimate course. Back in the Old Country we labored under the impression that Americans pour ketchup on everything – maybe that’s mostly a Mid-Western thing – so I was quite surprised when my wife took me to task for even suggesting that we should have spaghetti and ketchup for dinner. Or lunch. Or late snack. See? S&K can served at almost any time throughout the day. If you have left-over spaghetti all you need to do is heat it up and sprinkle some moderate amount of ketchup on it and breakfast is served. An awesome duo, like peanut butter jelly but with class, taste, refinement and elegance. Here, take a good look. Let your eyes eat it, let your mind savor it:

A photograph of spaghetti with ketchup.

You know you want it.

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