Multichannel streaming on Boston’s classical music station WCRB

I learned today that Boston’s classical music station WCRB’s web site recently, I think, added five channels one can choose from apart from the pre-existing stream of the station’s live broadcast. So if one finds oneself listening to a turgid late-19th Century piano piece on the live stream one can click through the five so-called On Demand Channels – All Symphony, Table At Pops, All Vocals, Keith’s Classical Corner, and Kid’s Classical Hour – in search of more entertaining fare (I can’t wait for the All Mozart Channel, just like Boston’s rock station WBCN should have an All AC/DC stream). I hope WCRB plans on updating the tracks in each channel every now and then so it doesn’t get stale like Starbucks Every Bleeping Day Coffee(TM) Pike’s-Bleeping-Once-Again-Place(TM) brew (and that mermaid could stand to do a few crunches, know what I’m saying?).