Pictures of Snow in the City and a Truck on Storrow Drive

Boston and surrounding areas were hit by a somewhat unimpressive Nor’easter today that dumped several inches of beautiful, fluffy white snow. Since the forecast had been for an End-of-Earth-like 12-18 inches schools had been closed and most people stayed at home. Below are a few pictures from the snow-besieged city, as well as from the on-ramp to Storrow Drive from I-93 South where an overheight truck had stopped just feet short of an underpass not made for trucks.

The alley off of Raleigh Street next to Kenmoe Square, behind Uburger.

Kenmore Square on March 2, 2009, after several inches of snow fall.

A snow plow puts another layer of snow on the cars parked on Bay State Road.

A man with a snow blower on Newbury Street in Boston on March 2, 2009.

Two snow plow trucks on the on ramp to I-93 North in front of a Bud Lime billboard on Boston Garden.

A salt truck and a snow plow parked on an on ramp to I-93 North after the brunt of the March 2, 2009, Nor'easter had passed.

An overheight truck stopped just geet from an under pass to Storrow Drive west bound.