Taking out the wild card trash along with the San Diego Chargers

The NFL divisional playoff round is where the wild card dreck and the San Diego Chargers are sorted out. All the winners of the wild card weekend lost this weekend, except for the New York Jets who traveled to San Diego where they dispatched of the heavily favored Chargers, 17-14. It was quite reminiscent of how the New England Patriots somehow pulled off an upset over the Chargers in the 2006 divisional playoffs. That loss cost the Chargers head coach his job.

Like the Patriots in 2006, the victorious Jets get the pleasure of taking on the Indianapolis Colts on the road. The Colts advanced by snoozing the life out of the offensively punchless Baltimore Ravens. Some pigskin pundits were so excited by the Baltimore’s wild card victory at New England that they imagined the Ravens flying all the way to the Super Bowl, but Ravens defense was unable to produce game changing turnovers and the offense couldn’t couldn’t spring any big play runs the way they did on the first drive of the game against the Patriots. Safety Ed Reed briefly held a game-changer in his hands after picking off a deep out from Peyton Manning intended for wide receiver Pierre Garcon. Reed returned the ball deep into Colts territory but was caught from behind by Garcon who forced a fumbled that was recovered by tight end Dallas Clark. And that was it for the Ravens.

The Minnesota Vikings continued their path to destiny – which is to say a loss in New Orleans, I predict – by hammering the Dallas Cowboys 34-3. Brett Favre is unshocking the world by setting up the Vikings for a heart breaking and inexplicable loss in the NFC Championship game.

That game will be the first of the kind in the Superdome. The New Orleans Saints are improbably close to doing the traditionally impossible: Advancing to the Super Bowl. Saints extended their Year of Offensive Dominance by crushing the Arizona Cardinals 45-14.

Colts v. Saints will make for a Super Shootout Bowl.