Pictures from BC Eagles v Kent State Golden Flashes

We used Groupon to snag some cheap tickets to Boston College v. Kent State Golden Flashes* at Alumni Stadium.

It was a close game in the first half with Boston College up 6-3 at half time but the BC Eagles opened it up in the third quarter, starting with a 23-yard toss from quarterback Dave Shinskie to Bobby Swigert. BC won the game 26-13. Below are a few pictures from the game:

Late in the first half BC drove deep into Golden Flashes territory only to stall short of the end zone. A goal-line shotgun formation is never a good sign:
BC's offense in a shotgun formation deep in the red zone against Kent State.

In the middle of this pack is Swigert catching the pass from Shinskie for a touchdown:
Bobby Swigerts scores a touchdown for Boston College Eagles.

Eagles offensive line slowly wore down Kent State’s defensive line:
BC Eagles offensive line in action against Kent State.

Kent State’s defense swarm’s Eagles ball carrier:
Boston College Eagles v. Kent State Golden Flashes.

Boston College has a great student section that brings way more life to the game than the dull crowd at Gillette Stadium does.
The Boston College student section at Alumni Stadium.

One way to keep track of the score is to use a scoreboard. Another is to toss a co-ed in the air:
Boston College Eagles student section at Alumni Stadium after touchdown.

Boston College cheerleaders fire up the crowd:
Boston College cheerleaders perform at the game against Kent State.

From where I sat I couldn’t possibly take pictures that would do BC’s marching band justice, but here’s at least a piece of their fine performance:
Boston College marching band and dancers perform during halftime.

*Kent State Golden Flashes is the worst name in the history of names. It’s so bad that it doesn’t even sound like a name but rather like four randomly chosen and ordered words that happened to end up on the cover of a brochure. It could have been Golden State Flashes Kent or Kent Golden Flashes State but it came out as Kent State Golden Flashes and that’s what it is.