So this witch took me to a seance…

Really, she did. It happened when I was in middle school, maybe 8th grade, probably 9th grade. It took place in Stockholm, in a building somehow affiliated with the Catholic Church (or so I was told). It was all a little bit hazy to me and I’m a Lutheran so I can’t say I particularly care how those guys used their facilities.

Anyway, it was kind of silly, some 50 people or so sitting in a room listening to this spirit reader who used the Socratic method to get in touch with various spirits and demons connected to the audience members. It was all very John Edwards-esque, long before John Edwards became hot stuff on TV (and “the biggest douche in the universe,” according to animated show South Park). It of course wasn’t long before someone in the audience turned out have been a queen in a former life (or maybe her ancestor had been a queen, this was a while ago, I don’t remember exactly what the deal was). I was summarily written off by the spirit reader as “too materialistic.” Well, duh, I was a teenager in the mid-80′s sitting at a seance with a skeptical look on my face. No points for that spirit reading. I can’t say I remember any other reading so I assume they were as dull as a John Edwards show.

The reason I mention this is of course the brouhaha surrounding Republican Christine O’Donnell for her decade-old confession that she once dabbled in witchcraft. I guess the real sin in the eyes of wiccan-friendly liberals is that she has since gone on to oppose the pageantry surrounding Halloween, a position not uncommon among contemporary Bible Protestants (I consider myself a bloodline Protestant, a cultural Protestant if you will). Since practically all actual sins have become life-affirming life-style choices the waft of hypocrisy has become the sin of all sins and more or less an obsession for lefties. I don’t see having a change of heart as an act of hypocrisy, and frankly I wouldn’t care if O’Donnell throws the biggest Halloween party in her town every year. A one-time wannabe witch will forever be far superior to a bearded Marxist.

But do yourself a favor and skip the seance.