Is WEEI getting an FM signal or what?

It took WBZ-FM 98.5 The Sports Hub one year to catch up to and in some ways overtake regional sports-talk behemoth 850 WEEI in the ratings. I have my – admittedly rather conventional – theories for why The Sports Hub is beating WEEI – but there’s no doubt that the newcomer has changed the game of sports talk in Boston: FM rules. WEEI can tinker and polish and fix its programming and shows and hosts all it wants but the station’s AM signal simply doesn’t cut it any more.

WEEI‘s owner Entercom is rumored – as it has been for many months – to be shopping for ways to switch its sports station to FM from what is increasingly DeathM. It’s odd that the corporation is dragging its feet. Signal is to radio what location is to real estate. One of the reasons WRKO talker Howie Carr wanted to defect to WTKK a couple of years ago was to escape his Entercom-owned station’s pitiful AM signal. Plenty of stations have switched places on Boston’s FM band over the last several years in order to maximize revenue. WEEI has simply been asleep at the switchboard.

(Rumor brought to my attention by Universal Hub, which is rarely asleep at the switch)

(By the way: Who hacked Entercom‘s web site? That really isn’t nice:

Who hacked Entercom's corporate web site?