Starbucks gives Via a more feminine look

Starting around summer 2010, I think, Starbucks has been rolling out new packaging for its instant coffee (or “ready brew” as it prefers to call it) Via. The original Via packages resembled WWII-era magazine clips or magazine clip holders. They were rectangular boxes with muted colors. High on function, low on form, one could say. I liked them.

Below is what the latest incarnation of my favorite Starbucks Via flavor, Colombian, looks like:

Starbucks Via Colombian, new packaging. Frontal photo.

Glossy and colorful like a women’s magazine. The package is now longer a rectangular box, it is now needlessly tall and with an angular shape.

It is hardly surprising that the Seattle-based coffee company is going down that route. Women famously control the vast majority of consumer spending and products generally end up designed and promoted to appeal to them.

This endless catering to female sensibilities of course also means that men become ever less moved by advertising, necessitating the need to increase efforts to woo female shoppers.