Thomas Saves the Day

Thomas Saves the Day is a live-performance musical starring every boy’s favorite tank engine. The play is less than 90 minutes and that includes a 20 minute long intermission. Besides Thomas there his his best friend Percy (the little green tank engine best known for pulling the mail on time), Sir Topham Hatt (also known as The Fat Controller), Sir Topham Hatt’s grandson, Devious Diesel and a handful of other characters of lesser importance. The biggest difference between the play and the typical Thomas and Friends episode is that the drivers get to talk and do a lot in the former.

The plot of the play spins loosely around the steam engines’ efforts to put Island of Sodor back in order in time for the Lantern Festival after the island has been ravaged by a storm. Thomas and Percy engage in various cheeky hijinks along the way while Diesel stays at the sheds and belittles them.

Below are a few pictures from Thomas Saves the Day at the beautiful Hanover Theatre in downtown Worcester in central Massachusetts. Check here for performances in your area.

Thomas the Tank Engine, Percy and Sir Topham Hatt in Thomas Saves the Day.

The set of Thomas Saves the Day.

Devious Diesel.

Thomas saves Percy from the mine after a rock slide at the quarry.

Sir Topham Hatt and his grandson with Thomas and Percy.

The audience us treated to a confetti rain at the end of Thomas Saves the Day.

The grand finale of Thomas Saves the Day, a jubilant song and dance number at the sheds.