Pictures of Georgetown Cupcake in-store display and box

Georgetown Cupcake is of course the cupcake bakery made famous by not only its truly delicious cupcakes but also the reality TV show D.C. Cupcakes. Below are a few photos of the Georgetown Cupcake store in Bethesda, MD, (the main one really is in Georgetown, but we didn’t go there) and a half-dozen cupcakes and the box they were packaged in.

Here’s a tight-angle shot of the Georgetown Cupcake storefront in Bethesda. The store is located in a quite charming block – Bethesda Row – with a good deal of foot traffic and dozens of restaurants and stores adjacent to a somewhat large parking lot and a parking garage. It reminded me a bit of Coolidge Corner in Brookline, or perhaps the best parts of Newbury Street in Boston. Very, pleasant, in short. The large sign in the window announces the new season of D.C. Cupcakes.

Georgetown Cupcakes storefront in Bethesda, Maryland.

The traditional display of the cupcakes is pretty much pitch perfect. It’s how baked goods should be displayed, although it is admittedly not the most cost-efficient way to do it.

Cupcakes display in the Georgetown Cupcake store in Bethesda.

The Georgetwon Cupcake cupcakes box – sort of like Tiffany for cupcakes!

A plain but stylish cupcakes box from Georgetown Cupcake.

(But don’t try to be cute by putting a cupcake in a Tiffany box. No woman is going to find that clever or amusing.)

Here’s what the cupcakes looked like when we opened them in our hotel room next to Dupont Circle in the District. Not bad at all. Great taste, too.

A half dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake in Washington, D.C.

We also visited a cupcakes bakery on Connecticut Avenue near Dupont Circle. I am by no means a cupcake expert – or even much of a cupcake fan – but the Georgetown Cupcake cupcakes really are noteworthy for their presentation and taste. As a point of comparison, the bakery on Connecticut Avenue had run out of bags, which is the kind of unimpressive inventory management that just happens to favor the seller over the buyer.