WEEI learns a lesson. Maybe even two. Or none at all.

Wrote Kirk Minihane, WEEI.com columnist, on April 4, 2011:

Unless there is a radio simulcast that I’m not aware of — are the Bruins even on the radio?

The Boston Globe’s sports media columnist Chad Finn’s reporting on the 2011 spring ratings should help Minihan find his way around the dial:

“We’ve seen steady growth outside of Bruins season and Patriots season,’’ said Mike Thomas, program director at The Sports Hub (98.5 FM), which airs game broadcasts for both teams. “All the shows have been moving in the right direction and have done a great job of bonding with the fans of Boston. So I think it goes well beyond the play-by-play rights that we have. But there is no doubt that the Bruins and the buzz that everyone felt in this city, with it being so long since they had won the Stanley Cup, it took everything to such an extreme level.’’

Jason Wolfe, Thomas’s counterpart at WEEI, said it’s not particularly a surprise that The Sports Hub caught the wave of the Bruins’ success, since his station is rather familiar with the benefits of broadcasting a championship team’s games.

“It’s happened to us with the Red Sox [in 2004 and ’07] and the Celtics in 2008 and last year,’’ said Wolfe. “Our ratings have stayed steadily high, but there’s no doubt they reaped the benefits of broadcasting their games and that association with a championship team.’’

Emphasis added. It kind of sucks when your boundless wit is shredded by the boss, doesn’t it?

Now that WEEI staff know where they can find Boston Bruins radiocasts they may also be able to learn that they are no longer “THE dominant station with Men in the Boston market,” as the Boston Herald’s Jessica Heslam gently reminds her readers that the station declared last yearwhen it was first overtaken by the The Sports Hub (but maybe WEEI really is dominant with this ‘Men’ character).

Here’s a quote from the memo that I find particularly interesting:

Perhaps all of this is merely CBS’s way to draw attention away from the demise of WBZ-AM. Has anybody else noticed that this once formidable station now ranks out of the top 10 in both Men and Adults 25-54 in the market?

Let’s rephrase that to: “Your non-sports station has cooties!”

WEEI’s spin is as puny as its programming response to 98.5 The Sports Hub.