Time to end the Bill Belichick era in New England

It’s been a little over a year since this and things haven’t gotten better, have they? Even if former Kent State Golden Flashes quarterback Julian Edelman – who somehow makes a living as a marginal player among other marginal players on the New England Patriots barren roster – didn’t molest a woman at a nightclub at 1:30 in the morning two nights after his team got stomped by the Steelers, he was, indisputably, partying at 1:30 in the morning two nights after his team got stomped by Steelers. The Edelman incident came just days after doofus tight-end Rob Gronkowski spent his bye weekend cavorting with some pornstar out in the Arizona desert.

New England Patriots have the worst defense in the league and the offense remains as one-dimensional as it has since 2007.

The current crop of Patriots aren’t just young, they are immature. It is hard to believe that football is as important to them as is enjoying the fruits of being important in football. They are mentally soft. They are sloppy. They aren’t remarkably physical. Without Tom Brady at quarterback they might well be winless.

Belichick improbably earned a coach of the year award last year thanks to his team winning the possibly most fraudulent 14-2 record in the history of the NFL. They did absolutely nothing in the playoffs besides bumbling their way to a loss against the also overrated New York Jets.

These Patriots are Belichick’s creation. This is the team he drafted, traded for, bought. It has almost no talent at all on defense and it is to a large degree smoke and mirrors on offense. For the fourth season in a row it has a negligible pass rush and it can’t get off the field on third downs, if opponents were somehow unlucky enough to encounter that situation.

Sure, the Patriots remain a top 12 team in the league – Brady-to-Welker is that good of a combination – and will likely make the playoffs again, where they will again collapse, exposed by hungrier and better opponents.

Patriots’ drafts have been so bad for several years in a row it is almost comical. There is only so much that genius head coach Bill Belichick can do to make up for the mediocre general manager Bill Belichick. He’s coming up short. He no longer has control of his team. The players pay lip service to his greatness but their weak efforts and lack of discipline betray them. Maybe they feel betrayed, too. If the Patriots are so great, and their coach is so great, why are they so bad?

The Patriots Dynasty died many years ago. It’s time to end the era in which it existed.

[Update 12/26: The charges against Edelman have been dropped.]