Jason Whitlock makes Glenn Ordway angry.

I heard Gleen Ordway on WEEI literally sputter with anger over Jason Whitlock’s January 19 column at FoxSports.com on Sunday’s AFC Championship game between New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens. Ordway so badly wanted his listeners to understand that he just couldn’t understand what Whitlock’s talking about. The best part of the few minutes I listened to was when Ordway tried to argue that Whitlock was contradicting himself, only to suddenly realize he wasn’t. Then he had to dial up the anger a bit more.

What made Ordway so mad? Whitlock’s noticed that Patriots offense is mostly white, while Ravens defense is mostly black. Not only that, but Patriots are a bunch of dapper pretty boys compared to Baltimore’s thugs.

Race! Culture! Too much for Ordway to handle.

Yet, a somewhat interesting aspect of the Patriots during Bill Belichick’s extremely successful – although not flawless – leadership is that they have been markedly more white than NFL in general. It’s not likely that the Patriots racial composition is entirely coincidental. Given NFL’s position as the by far most popular sport in the country and New England’s place as the most successful franchise over the past decade it doesn’t seem outrageous to bring up the topic.

However, this matchup doesn’t excite me all that much as a clash of races or styles. Instead, it’s a great match up between two wildly different football philosophies: the new-age aerial attack* of the Patriots against the old school headbashing of the Ravens. The fact that the Patriots and Ravens seem to genuinely dislike each other only makes it better (Patriots defense and Ravens offense are both garbage by comparison, but Patriots defensive line and Ravens offensive line are both quality units with big bodied hard hitting men – no clash of styles there).

Should be a heck of a game.

*Granted, new-age aerial attacks have been around at least since Don Coryell, but this time it’s different.