Commonwealth Avenue arrest

On Saturday, shortly after noon, we were parked on Granby Street – across Commmonwealth Avenue from Warren Towers – when we saw a transient-looking man argue with an MBTA police officer at the T-stop. The man was in company with another man, a woman and a dog. My wife speculates the cop had been dispatched to remove the trio and their dog from a Green Line trolley. The cop kept waving at the more belligerent of the two men as if saying “buh-bye” and the man kept alternating between taking a step away from the cop and turning back towards him, venting his displeasure. Perhaps in order to convince the two men it was time to leave the cop pulled out his nightstick. After a bit more yawing the two men started to cross the westbound lane, only to have one of them turn towards the cop again and, from what I could see, spit at the cop.

That prompted the cop to yell at the man, move towards him and swing the nightstick at the man. The transient spun around to face the cop who pulled out a can of mace and proceeded to spray him in the face. That put an end to the transient’s intransigence. The cop barked at the remaining two to back off or they, too, would be arrested.

Below are a few pictures from moments after the transient was handcuffed. My wife says she saw a bystander pointed a camera at the scene throughout the incident so perhaps there’s a video of it floating around on YouTube.

The transient handcuffed after getting maced.

It may look like the officer is taking a swing at the man but he is in fact throwing away the man’s tattered and ripped t-shirt.
The arresting officer removes the suspects t-shirt.

The officer leads the handcuffed suspect to the car.

The arresting officer's patrol car.

The remains of the suspect's shirt.

About twenty minutes later the remaining man and the woman and their dog entered another inbound B-line trolley.